First Time Buyer

House-Buying Jargon Explained

Buying a property can be an exciting time, but it does mean getting to grips with some terms you may not be familiar with. Here are just a few you may come across during the process. Agreement in principle Also known as a ‘Decision in Principle’, this is a certificate or statement from a mortgage…

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Divorce – Reviewing Your Finances

It’s a fact of modern life that as many as 42% of all marriages in the UK end in divorce. The break-up can be a traumatic time for all concerned and have major financial repercussions for both parties and their family. There are no rules governing how assets should be divided, but there’s a broad…

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First Time Buyers & Stamp Duty

The government’s decision in November 2017 to remove Stamp Duty for first-time buyers spending £300,000 or less on their purchase had a mixed reception. Many believed that it wouldn’t have a material impact on their chances of getting onto the housing ladder. However, recent reports show would-be home-buyers having benefited from the move. The National…

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